Deco chair before

Deco chair after

Eames chair before

Eames chair after

Our reupholstery and repair work makes your furniture look like new, using such techniques as:

- Tightening a furniture frame that’s loose or squeaky
- Replacing furniture padding Refinishing and scratch covering
- Reinforcing where needed Replacing furniture parts or springs

Our expertise also extends to furniture from the best-known eras and periods, including:

Jacobean (1620-1690)
William & Merry-Rococo (1690-1720)
Queen Ann (1720-1750)
Chippendale (1750-1780)
Federal (1780-1830)
Victorian (1830-1900)
Craft Revival-Edwardian (1870-1920)
Art Nouveau (1895-early 20th century)
Art Deco (1920-1940)

Leather chairs before

Leather chairs after

Tufted seat before repair

Tufted seat after repair

Art Nouveau chair before restoration

Art Nouveau chair after restoration

Art Nouveau sofa before restoration

Art Nouveau sofa after restoration

Gothic chair before restoration

Gothic chairs after restoration

1950's sofa before

1950's sofa after

70 years old Rocking chair before

70 years old Rocking chair after

Dog Head chair before

Dog Head chair after

1920's Settee before

1920's Settee after

Kidney sofa before

Kidney sofa after

1950's chair before

1950's chair after

Arm chair before

Arm chair after

Louis sofa before

Louis sofa after

Dining chairs Restoration before

Dining chairs restoration after

Art Deco Arm chair before

Art Deco Arm chair during

Art Deco Arm chair after

Chair frame repair

Chair frame repair

100 years old Rocker before

100 years old Rocker after


Classic chair before

Classic chair after

Barcelona chair restoration before

Barcelona chair Restoration after

Curved sofa before

Curved sofa after

Trunk before

Trunk after

Chair frame repair

Chair frame repair

Spanish chair before

Spanish chair after

Office chair arms before

Office chair arms after

Arm chair before

Arm chair after

Side chair before

Side chair after

Chaise Lounge before

Chaise Lounge after